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Our job is to communicate ideas for businesses and organizations. Helping you get connected to your customers faster.


Helping you move your product quickly and efficently in an attractive way that will have your customers returning for more.

Responsive Design

Be it; mobile, tablet, 50'' screens, notebooks or desktop monitors. We make sure that your business is center focus.

Social Media Marketing

We'll figure out exactly what you need. Getting your brand value and establishing new markets to dominate.


A glimpse at some of our works

Mischa Dabrowski Art

Website Design and Development

Saké Clan

Social Media Marketing / Branding

Akii Tire

Website Design and Development


Artisans at heart - taking pride in simplicity.

  • Vision

    Viewing With The Heart

    We strive to keep things as simple and as fluid as possible. Using the beauty of the world around us!

  • Ambience

    Accurate Feeling

    Like the scent of flowers blooming in the spring - we have the ability to freshen up your web presence.

  • Architecture

    Vertical Movment

    We design with scalability in mind. As it is literally impossible to build upwords with a weak foundation.

  • Transition

    Making Ideas Come To Life

    An idea is simply an idea until it has been worked into reality. Everything comes together at the end to create a worthwhile product!

  • Anything

Army Of One

Creating your ideal concept, one line of code at a time.

Nikolas Smith

Lead Designer & Developer

I’m an all around passionate, self taught full stack developer at Zeitlos Design. I understand front end frameworks; how to implement them and make the user experience positive. I also understand back end /server side + a plethora of scripting languages, algorithms and methods. Utilizing a physics mindset, I am able to approach any problem and solve it effectively. By looking at the bigger picture and breaking that picture up into smaller constituents. Each of these smaller parts are a complete entity, which will combine with all of the other parts to make a finished whole. In other words - I create whatever a client needs in a fast and effective manor to solve a specific set of problems.

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